Famous Hungarian Artists

Even though Hungary is not a very developed country from the economic point of view, it is still a place where many important artists were born. We made a good research in order to show you the following Hungarian artists, which we really hope you will find very interesting.

Victor Vasarely

We want to begin our list of famous Hungarian artists with Victor Vasarely, a very famous artist in this country and not only. Vasarely’s work called zebra is considered in Hungary one of the earliest examples of op art. The artist was born in Pecs and spent his childhood in Postyen and Budapest, where he actually studied medicins at Eotvos Lorand University. However, he later abandoned medicine in order to learn academic painting. He concentrated his attention on applied graphic art and typographical design. In 1970, Vasarely opened his first dedicated museum with more than 500 of his works in a renaissance palace in Gordes.

Janos Mattis – Teutsch

This was a Hungarian and Romanian poet, art critic, painter, and sculptor as well. He is best known for his amazing Seelenblumen cycle of paintings, and more than this he was a very important contributor to the entire development of modern art inside Romania. Janos Mattis is extremely appreciated all over Hungary, Romania, and other countries in the world as well. In France, Janos Mattis became an acquaintance of Lajos Kassak, and he later published linocut drawings in MA, a modern art magazine. After several years, Mattis returned to figurative art, and he joined the editorial staff of Integral. His style was considered to be close to Surrealism. However, he never adapted his themes to any landscape art, and he remains completely interested in social themes.







This artist was born in 1899 and he actually found his greatest success in Paris. He studied at Fine Arts Academy in Hungary and Berlin as well, and he moved to the capital of France in 1924 where he focused on painting and sculpture. Later he became very interested in photography. His first collection of professional photographs was released in 1933 and it focused on the seedier side of the French capital. He is nowadays known as a leading figure in street photography. All professional photographers who want to learn more about photography and especially to learn from the ones that remain famous over time should certainly see Brassai’s work, which is extremely interesting and breathtaking.

Anna Margit

Anna Margit, a very famous Hungarian artist, was actually half Hungarian and half Jewish. She was certainly a painter that heavily influenced the work of his husband Imre Amos and Chagall as well, a person she met after moving to Paris. She was born in 1913 and it is one of the better known Hungarian female painters. Most of her works contain melancholy and a sense of harshness. However, they are still absolutely amazing. If you ever visit Budapest at some point then you will have the chance to see her masterpieces as the city has plenty of art galleries with her work.












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