Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Hungary

If you get to know very well beautiful Hungary you will discover how wonderful this place actually is and how many interesting and exciting things it has to offer. For anyone who is interested in finding out more information, here are some amazing things you probably didn’t know about Hungary.

There are Hundreds of Public Spas and Bathhouses

There is no other country in the world that has so many public spas and bathhouses as Hungary. Therefore, if you ever decide to relax and try the healing waters then you definitely must plan a vacation in this country. This prominent bathing culture has actually existed since Roman times and Hungarian say that this is the best cure for a hangover. A day spent in any of the public spas or bathhouses will surely relax you and convince you to come back quite soon.

Hungary is the Country With a High Number of Museums

It is quite a challenge for any art and history lover to get to see all the museums that this country has. Only in the wonderful city of Budapest, you will find more than 100 museums, which absolutely amazing. There is no other country in the world with such a wide range of museums like Hungary. Therefore, if visiting museums is your favourite activity for vacation then you surely need to add Hungary to your holiday destination list, as this place will keep you occupied for the entire vacation.

Hungarians are without a Doubt Inventive

Even though many do not believe this, the truth is that Hungarians are definitely very inventive people. Some notable inventions include the biro which has been patented by the journalist Laszlo Biro in 1938, and the krypton electric bulb patented in 1937 by the physicist Imre Brody. This is not everything and if you will do a bit more research you will surely find many other interesting inventions created by Hungarians.

Here is the World’s First Official Wine Region

Yes, this country is home to the world’s first official wine region. The Hungarian wine is an extremely fine and tasty wine, which you must definitely try. Even if you don’t visit this country you can still taste it as you will be able to find in many shops worldwide.

Hungarians Have Palinka

Locals say that this drink in small amounts is actually a medicine, and in large amounts, it is a remedy. Not only Palinka is a traditional Hungarian drink but it is also extremely appreciated by all tourists especially by the ones who love strong alcohol drinks. Therefore, if you stop for a while in Hungary, then you must not forget to try it. You will find Palinka at nearly every restaurant or bar.

Water Polo is a National Sport

The most popular game of water polo in the entire history was the bloody play-off between the USSR and Hungary, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, where Hungary won with 4-0. The 2000 Olympics which have been held in Sydney also introduced a women’s tournament to this amazing sport.








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